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Unparalleled Brokerage Services

The Marcali Yacht team has decades of invaluable experience in every facet of the Pleasure Yacht and Sport Fishing industry. We understand that your vessel - large or small, or used commercially or strictly for pleasure - represents a major investment of both time and money. So whether you are looking to purchase or sell, whether this is your first time seeking yacht brokerage services, or you are, yourself, an experienced yachtsman, Marcali Yacht will be ever-vigilant in ensuring your interests are well represented throughout every stage of the process.

Integrity • Expertise • Resources

Team Marcali has the integrity, expertise and resources immediately at hand to quickly and efficiently evaluate any vessel to determine that it is sea-worthy, market-ready and being offered at a fair and reasonable price. In addition, Marcali Yacht's leadership has spent a lifetime creating a global network of industry connections, guaranteeing clients maximum exposure and access to all the finest resources available. Our goal is, at all times, to help you realize the maximum potential and enjoyment your vessel has to offer, and no stone will be left unturned to ensure there are no surprises either throughout or after the purchase/sale process, and both the seller and buyer remain satisfied for many years to come.


Yacht Construction and Refit Division

Marcali Yacht Consulting offers a broad range of recreational and commercial services within the marine industry. Leading the team with over 20 years of experience in consulting, build management and retrofit projects is Marc Harris. Marc’s knowledge, dedication and skills are crucial components for any boat owners “peace of mind”. The Marcali team will accurately negotiate and monitor every stage of your project while working one-on-one with you. Our expertise is invaluable. Rest assured that we are here to advise on every aspect of your yachting experience. The key to what makes our team different is the value we place on our continued and trusted relationship with you.

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marcali brokerage yacht security servicesMarcali Yacht Security


Borne out of the need for safety in the growing yachting industry, security at all levels has become an increasingly important dynamic for all boat owners. The safe keeping of onboard valuables, the concealment of their location, personal protection, and less lethal training for captains and crew are all responsible maritime measures that require a vessel owners attention. At Marcali Yacht – Safety on the Sea, our highly skilled team of professionals with more than 29 years of acquired safety, security experience, and training certification are the fundamental core of Marcali Yacht International’s security division. As internationally recognized experts in the field of security, we will work with you, the yacht or boat owner, on an individual and highly confidential level to implement specialized defense preparedness, compatible and tailored to your specific needs.

Due to the confidential nature of these services, a physical location assessment must be made onboard your vessel. For appointments and more information, please contact Marcali Yacht Security at 1-239-275-3600. Or, email your contact information to

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • security assessment
  • onboard use of force training
  • guarded transport
  • executive protection
  • protection by deception (utilizing specialized concealment techniques)
  • chemical and less lethal munitions training & support programs
  • bullet proofing of glass, walls, doors, in accordance with UL specifications section 13070- Levels 1 through 8

Our time tested proven techniques, combined with the most advanced technology: Secure Your Property and Protect Your Family.

Yacht Certification Program

As the old adage says, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This is especially true for those of us who take to the sea. Marcali's unique Yacht Certification Program provides the expertise and tools you need to maintain your vessel in perpetually prime, market-ready condition for as long as you own it. It is a one-of-a kind package of services and documentation designed and implemented by Marcali's detail-oriented staff of Pleasure Yacht and Sport Fishing experts, painstakingly structured to maximize the enjoyment and safety you, your family and your friends expect from your vessel, as well as to maximize your return on this most significant investment when you decide to sell and/or upgrade.

Contact Us today for more information, or call 888.802.5381

Financing Your Vessel


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Marcali Yacht team of professional yacht brokers have logged vast experience brokering vessels ranging from small runabouts to luxurious megayachts. This means that any us can help you find and negotiate the financing you need. We know the ins-and-outs of the marine financing world backward and forward, and maintain an active network of communication with all major yacht financing sources. This dedication and experience means we are well-equipped to assist you in purchasing the most and best vessel for your dollar.

Use the loan calculator at right to get a general idea of the type of purchase and payment you are interested in arranging, then Contact Us and we'll help you locate and finance the vessel of your dreams!

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Yacht Charters

If you are seeking a safe and reliable charter anywhere on the globe, the experts at Marcali Yacht Brokerage can connect you with the perfect vessel to meet your needs.

We have decades of international experience in the yachting and brokerage industries, and a vast network of long-standing, world-wide connections we can utilize to make certain you find exactly the vessel you require, as well as assist in the planning and implementation of every aspect of your at-sea experience. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, a quick fishing, sailing or motoring jaunt or an extended, deep sea voyage, you will be assured of the greatest success when your yacht charter experience begins with knowledge, expertise, reliability and integrity of Team Marcali.

Consulting & Yacht Security  •  Yacht Certification Program  •  Financing Your Vessel  •  FREE Market Evaluation  •  Yacht Charters
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