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10 Incredibly Fun Food & Wine Vacations
Published 6/27/2014
10 Incredibly Fun Food & Wine VacationsTaking a vacation and exploring your destination through food and drink is a great way to learn an area's culture, character and to make some life long friends at the same time. If you're thinking about a culinary experience this summer, here are just a few U.S. cities who are hosting some of the most anticipated food and wine events in July, August, and September and beyond.Whether you'll be traveling by boat, plane, train, or automobile, pick a gourmet adventure that will sate your appetite. Bon Appétit!1. Tales of the Cocktail | New Orleans, LAJuly 16 - 20, 2014Nowhere in the U.S. has the same "cocktail culture" as New Orleans. This five day event in The Big Easy is a celebration of mixology and runs at the same time as Tales Restaurant Week, bringing together the spirits community, dining, [...]
8 Destinations For a Summer Weekend Getaway
Published 6/5/2014
You Deserve a Break This Weekend!Escape the hustle and bustle of car horns and deadlines with a spontaneous trip to your favorite beach, island, or home away from home. Check out these fun, savory spots to enjoy a little R&R with family and friends.1. San Juan Islands, WAAn astounding 172 islands make this archipelago off of Washington's coast the most diverse boating destination in the Northwest. Terrain varies between islands, ranging from hills to sandy and rocky beaches alike. The islands take pride in their wildlife, and exclusive to San Juan Island is the opportunity to go Orca (killer whale) watching. Sailing, hiking, biking, and zip-lining are also popular endeavors.2. Galveston Island, TXSituated along the upper coast of Texas, this port city is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and is made up of 30 miles of beaches. Galveston is a certified cultural hub with 14 [...]
7 Great Winter Boating Destinations
Published 2/6/2014
Frigid temperatures have swarmed the U.S. this winter. But for those of you eager for a perfect winter escape, check out our list of locations to enjoy a warm boating or beach getaway. Warm and sunny does wonders for the winter blues.1. Hawaii: The weather is amazing year round in Hawaii. Explore the picturesque seaside town of Lahaina, a tropical paradise. Go island hopping all through pristine waters, and thanks to all the trade winds the humidity is always really low. Head out on a whale-watching excursion and you may even spot a humpback whale in the channel.2. Miami, FL: It may be unusually cold this season but Miami is always a great boating destination. With the Florida Keys as our neighbor, fishing and snorkeling should be at the top of your list. And remember, the Miami Boat Show is almost here [...]
There's Still Plenty of Summer Fun to be Had!
Published 8/19/2013
Summer's not over yet! And Marcali Yacht is happy to remind you that the official end of summer isn't until September 21. Even though the kids are back in school and some families took vacations before school started, don't feel left out of a much-needed Summer Vacation Getaway! Hop on a plane, jump in your car, journey aboard your boat or plan a stress-free weekend at home in your own back yard - all in the name of Fun. Remember, the Labor Day Holiday is just right around the corner and with a little planning it could be the perfect opportunity for a laid back dose of Summer fun in the sun!Here are some really cool ways to celebrate summer whether you pack up and go for a day, a weekend or longer, or you make your home or backyard your own Camelot. Take advantage of [...]
Important Safety and Fun Decorating Tips for Your Boat For The Holiday
Published 12/11/2012
The Boat Parade and holiday season is here and anyone who lives the "total boating lifestyle" looks forward to this time of year with anticipation and excitement. The beauty and spirit of the holiday comes alive on the water both for the boating community and spectators. Decorating your boat is just as important and exciting as decorating your home, and in some cases your boat is your home!We at Marcali Yacht want to remind you of some important safety and fun decorating tips for your vessel during the holiday! Safety is Always Number OneBuy only decorations and Holiday lights that are rated for outdoor use. If you are using battery-operated lights, make sure you have plenty of batteries on hand. Be sure to check each string of lights before you hang them, or other powered decorations and all plugs.Use the Proper Power SourcesThe most common [...]
Boat Show Season is For the Whole Family!
Published 9/26/2012
Fall has traditionally been the beginning of Boat Show Season, and Florida takes center stage with several shows launching in October and ending in April. The Florida Boat Show Season kicks off in Ft Lauderdale, moves to Naples, Ft. Myers, St Petersburg, then Miami, Palm Beach and culminates in Sarasota. The boating lifestyle has become such a phenomenal and integral part of family enjoyment that boat shows have now become a year round and world wide event to accommodate the location and needs of boaters everywhere.These shows give the boating lifestyle community an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends, make new ones, meet with your yacht broker and look at various styles and available boats on the market. There are also boating lifestyle vendors present with the newest and latest and greatest products and services available today! The boat show experience is much [...]
Keys to Keeping Your Vessel in Tip Top Shape
Published 8/28/2012
Maintaining your vessel all year round so that it is ready to go whenever you want to enjoy it is a very serious commitment for all boat owners. Boat maintenance is the most important part of maximizing your safety, enjoyment of your vessel, and protecting the market value of this major investment. Every captain or owner operator should routinely inspect their vessel to make sure everything looks right. It goes without saying, that anything that stops working, breaks down or sounds funny should be inspected and attended to immediately.Visual inspections are essential to tip top maintenance and will save time and money, thus keeping your boating experience hassle free. Here are 5 areas to inspect to keep your vessel tip top.Dockside Visual inspections should be completed prior to departure as well when you return to the dock. Take a moment after returning to double [...]
How to Throw a Rockin' Dock Party
Published 7/21/2012
Boating lifestyle enthusiasts do NOT need an excuse or anything special to throw a dock party! Birthdays, anniversaries, seasons, milestones, marriages, births, tournaments, boat shows all work great! Some of the most fun times of living the total boating lifestyle is about sharing it with others at the dock when you return from a successful day of boating or fishing.Hosting and having a "seafood feast dock party" is the ultimate way dock communities share their comraderie and catch of the day! First, start a "to do list" and outline everything that you are going to need to have and do with regard to food, beverage and decorations!Prepare the menu and chose a theme and musicList the food, accessories and special items you will needDecide on a day and time and put the word out to your dock mates and communityStock up on zip lock bags, [...]
6 Reasons to Hire a Yacht Broker
Published 7/6/2012
Peace of MindPeople buy and sell things everyday in person and online. More often than not, on the other end of a sale is a problem that unfortunately has no solution because it was a transaction, rather than a relational process. It was based on the lowest price and deal, rather than the relationship.When you hire a reputable yacht broker you are investing in a person who is going to be representing you in all aspects of the transaction and process. A boating professional who has comprehensive experience and knowledge of every aspect of owning and enjoying a pleasure vessel, who has your front, back and other side. Buying or selling a boat or yacht is a serious undertaking, just like a home, in so many ways a yacht broker is like a real estate agent, who people consult with to find and purchase a [...]
Protecting and Preparing Your Vessel For Storms
Published 6/19/2012
It is officially storm season, and not just hurricane storms but also those sometimes-severe thunderstorms that can form and blow through quickly from Maine to Texas but especially in Florida!"Experts predict that in the next 20 years there will be much more hurricane activity than has been seen in the past 20 years" according to avid boat owners and boating lifestyle enthusiasts know that protecting their vessels for inclement weather is essential and can save thousands of dollars in repairs and insurance claims.Here are five protective steps you need to take when storms or hurricanes threaten, that should be written, documented and quickly accessible should you need to refer to them. Develop and Have a PlanPreparing your boat for storms means defending against wind, rain, waves, high water and possible flying debris. Most damage is usually due to a combination of these factors. Consider [...]


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