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Published Tuesday December 11, 2012  


The Boat Parade and holiday season is here and anyone who lives the "total boating lifestyle" looks forward to this time of year with anticipation and excitement.

The beauty and spirit of the holiday comes alive on the water both for the boating community and spectators. Decorating your boat is just as important and exciting as decorating your home, and in some cases your boat is your home!

We at Marcali Yacht want to remind you of some important safety and fun decorating tips for your vessel during the holiday!

Safety is Always Number One
Buy only decorations and Holiday lights that are rated for outdoor use. If you are using battery-operated lights, make sure you have plenty of batteries on hand. Be sure to check each string of lights before you hang them, or other powered decorations and all plugs.

Use the Proper Power Sources
The most common method for powering decorations when ships power is not available, is a portable marine generator . Generators can and will power most light sources and do so efficiently. If you are running power separate from ships power, make sure and ventilate the portable generator properly.

The new LED lights require a fraction of the power of the incandescents and they are much more rugged. However the majority of the LED displays and light strings are 120 volt AC powered. To fit the lights to the boat, an inexpensive power inverter to connect to the boat's battery system is required. There are 12 volt DC strings available specifically for boats but you will be paying an extra marine premium! Want to really wow; check out these cool, rechargeable solar LED lights!

Theme and Decorating Tips
Holiday decorated boats bring so much joy to fellow boat owners, on-lookers and spectators. With the reflection on the water, holiday lights and decorations add amazing sparkle and energy!Decide on a theme, make a decorating plan, always place the main decoration at the highest point of the boat without blocking the Captain's view, and always put safety first!

Share Her and Show Her Off
Now that your vessel is all dressed up for the holiday, take her out at night and show her off! There's nothing more fun and enjoyable than holiday dock parties on your festive vessel at night for family, friends and colleagues to gather, enjoy and enhance the holiday spirit!

From all of us at Marcali Yacht to all of you, we wish to thank you for your support. Happy holidays and a healthy prosperous new year!


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