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Published Tuesday June 19, 2012  


It is officially storm season, and not just hurricane storms but also those sometimes-severe thunderstorms that can form and blow through quickly from Maine to Texas but especially in Florida!

"Experts predict that in the next 20 years there will be much more hurricane activity than has been seen in the past 20 years" according to

All avid boat owners and boating lifestyle enthusiasts know that protecting their vessels for inclement weather is essential and can save thousands of dollars in repairs and insurance claims.

Here are five protective steps you need to take when storms or hurricanes threaten, that should be written, documented and quickly accessible should you need to refer to them.

Develop and Have a Plan
Preparing your boat for storms means defending against wind, rain, waves, high water and possible flying debris. Most damage is usually due to a combination of these factors. Consider extra length and positioning of dock lines, facing the bow toward the greatest exposure, being far from the coastline when a hurricane makes landfall all contribute to less damage.

Where to Keep Your Boat
Are you planning to keep your boat ashore or in the water? For many boat owners and marinas, hauling boats is the foundation of their hurricane plan. Boats ashore should be stored well above the anticipated storm surge, according to Preparation for on-the-hard storage should be made far in advance.

Best Time To Act On The Plan
"The time for taking all measures for a ship's safety is while still able to do so. Nothing is more dangerous than for a seaman to be grudging in taking precautions lest they turn out to have been unnecessary. Safety at sea for a thousand years has depended on exactly the opposite philosophy". Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

Never Stay On the Vessel
Are you planning to keep your boat ashore or in the water? Do everything you can to protect your boat then head inland. Prepare your vessel for the weather and document your work with photographs.

Boat Owner's Storm Worksheet
Here is a comprehensive storm worksheet that you can use and adapt to your own circumstances. Make sure to distribute copies to your alternates as well as your marina owner/manager.

Storm season is a part of living the "total boating lifestyle". Preparation, planning and being ready is part of it and part of your peace of mind.

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