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Published 7/6/2012  
marcali yacht brokerage promotes enjoyment of a boating lifestyle

Peace of Mind

People buy and sell things everyday in person and online. More often than not, on the other end of a sale is a problem that unfortunately has no solution because it was a transaction, rather than a relational process. It was based on the lowest price and deal, rather than the relationship.

When you hire a reputable yacht broker you are investing in a person who is going to be representing you in all aspects of the transaction and process. A boating professional who has comprehensive experience and knowledge of every aspect of owning and enjoying a pleasure vessel, who has your front, back and other side.

Buying or selling a boat or yacht is a serious undertaking, just like a home, in so many ways a yacht broker is like a real estate agent, who people consult with to find and purchase a boat, or to list, represent, and sell boats for them. Here are six reasons why people should hire a yacht broker, rather than attempt to buy or sell a yacht or boat on their own.

Buying Requires Comprehensive Knowledge of the Market
A professional broker will listen closely to your wants and needs and will help you determine if the boat you are interested in is the right boat for you at the best value. They can objectively inform you about the condition of a vessel before you decide whether or not to spend your time to look at the boat, keep you apprised of current market activity during your search process, assist with financing and insurance options, survey, delivery and vessel orientation to name a few. Selecting an experienced, knowledgeable yacht broker of your own, and consulting with them in confidence about your boats of interest and the options based on your interests will assure you are represented best in your inquiries and transactions.

Selling Your Boat
Your Broker should determine a fair asking price based on the year, make, size model and condition of your vessel combined with current market trends to insure a timely sale. The professional Broker should outline a "plan of attack" for advertising to best meet your needs and match the proper demographic , thus insuring your vessel is placed in front of the most likely buying audience at all times. Your Broker should keep you, the Seller, informed of changes in the marketplace that may facilitate the restructure of your advertising and or necessary price changes, keeping your boat or yachts advertising "fresh" in the marketplace. The Broker will advise of any improvements that should be made prior to competing in today's market, identify possible problems and solutions, help organize upgrades, repairs, mooring, transport or storage.

Professional Know-How
Professional Brokers have a vast knowledge and understanding of the Brokerage profession. They maintain current knowledge of maritime practice and admiralty liens both domestic and foreign, certificates of ownership, security agreements, bills of sale, and agency contracts, listing agreements, closing statements, deposit requirements and escrowed account to safeguard funds.
Servicing and Maintaining Your Vessel
The up keep and maintenance of your vessel is an important part of the investment you make in owning a yacht. The broker will advise of any improvements that should be made to compete within today's market, identify possible problems and solutions, and help organize upgrades & repairs, keeping it sea worthy, or buy or sell worthy at all times.

The Total Boating Lifestyle Experience
The full enjoyment of the boating lifestyle includes many things, and only begins with boat ownership. An experienced, professional broker provides everything from instruction, to complete warranty service and even a list of vendors who can step in to help a new boat owner get comfortable. They help eliminate anxiety and enhance enjoyment.

The Intangibles That Set One Broker Apart From Another
The most successful yacht brokers live the lifestyle, have a global network of proven professionals and colleagues, are hands on and accessible 24/7 and demonstrate an unexpected attention to detail and customer service.

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