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Published 8/28/2012  

 Maintaining your vessel all year round so that it is ready to go whenever you want to enjoy it is a very serious commitment for all boat owners. Boat maintenance is the most important part of maximizing your safety, enjoyment of your vessel, and protecting the market value of this major investment.

Every captain or owner operator should routinely inspect their vessel to make sure everything looks right. It goes without saying, that anything that stops working, breaks down or sounds funny should be inspected and attended to immediately.

Visual inspections are essential to tip top maintenance and will save time and money, thus keeping your boating experience hassle free. Here are 5 areas to inspect to keep your vessel tip top.


Visual inspections should be completed prior to departure as well when you return to the dock. Take a moment after returning to double check the shore power cord connections and pedestal breakers, making sure that no portion of your power cord is immersed or hanging in the water. Inspect mooring lines for obvious signs of chafe and insure that cleat ties are secure on both ends. Inspect your waterline for any signs of excessive list or sea growth. If A/C is left running, confirm suitable water flow at the thru-hull. Inspect hatches for proper security, and secure fenders to prevent movement during tide and or weather changes. Remember to be a good dock steward and coil all hoses, cables, cords and lines neatly away from foot traffic.

Vessel Exterior

All points of entry to your vessel should be secured. Check the entry doors, wing, side door and hatches for proper closure. Remember to close the Helm curtains when applicable insuring all zippers and snaps are in the closed position. Extinguish all electronics and lights and stow VHF mic cords properly and place weather covers over the electronics to prevent sun and water damage. If suntan oils are used, it is always a good idea to wipe down all electronics.

Vessel Helm

Power up electronics prior to departure to insure proper performance. Perform a "routine" radio check, open any helm enclosures, and allow engines to warm up before leaving the slip. Check navigation lights, horn, spotlight and engine gauges for proper voltage, temps and pressures.

Vessel Salon and Staterooms

Keep an eye on holding tank levels, water levels, refrigeration, and leaks in faucets, port lights, and hatches. Periodically check shower sumps, A/C filters and interior lighting. Correct AC and DC voltage should be checked from shore side and under your ships generators power for correct output. CO detectors should be tested or inspected regularly as well as any interior fire extinguishing systems.

Engine Room

The bilge is probably the most important aspect of maintaining your vessel and should be inspected regularly.

Take a moment before and after each trip to perform the following visuals: check engine, gear and generator oil and water levels. Check hydraulic steering oil and pressure levels. Visually inspect any engine room mounted fire extinguishing systems and confirm inspection dates are current. Check the battery charger and battery water levels. Check hoses for obvious signs of wear or leaks, clamps and a/c strainer baskets. Inspect all bilge pumps and float switches, making note of, and removing, any debris in the pump basket that may inhibit proper operation of the pump in an emergency situation. Exercise fuel shut off and sea water intake valves regularly. These valves should be easily closed and opened by hand. Inspect rudder and shaft seals for leakage, and finally use your eyes, ears, and nose for any sign of a problem.

These tips are simple guidelines for properly maintaining your vessel. A full and routinely implemented check list of your vessel will insure years of trouble free enjoyment.

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What are your tips for Keeping Your Vessel in Tip Top Shape?

We welcome your questions or comments concerning the safety, upkeep and maintenance of your vessel, right here on our blog!


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